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A winter coat is a wonderful investment, which, if cared for correctly, will keep you warm for years, if not decades, to come.By spending a little time giving your winter jacket a little TLC, you can make your pennies go that extra mile and keep your coat in tip top condition.This is particularly relevant since ladies winter coats tend to be of a classic style that will never go out of fashion.


First off, you should invest in a protective spray (though do check your garment’s care label aswell as the instructions on the can).Scotchguard is a life saver and is particularly good at keeping leather jackets looking just like new.It is readily available and affordable.Scotchguard leaves a protective film on the fabric which first of all, stops the water getting in and second, makes it more resistant to marks and blemishes.If you accidentally spill something on it, the Scotchguard will help that substance roll right off.It prevents the substance leaching into the fabric and tarnishing it.


Winter Coats


A particular point to bear in mind with ladies winter coats is that perfumes should be applied well in advance of putting your coat on and given plenty of time to dry.If you spray them on once you have your coat on, they will unavoidably spray onto your coat too.This is particularly damaging with suede jackets which have a nap that can easily be damaged.Some of the essential oils in perfumes can actually be quite sticky and were they to land on your winter coat, passing dirt will quickly adhere to and build up on it.Many of us like to mix and match our perfumes according to the occasion and you won’t want your winter coat impregnated with numerous, clashing scents.


Our natural oils can also cause problems – again, particularly with suede.Wearing a scarf will prevent your neck coming into contact with your coat.Over time, if exposed to these oils, suede coats will mark and wool coats will begin to break down.


You should always hang your coat on a hanger, never directly on a clothes hook.By using a wide-shouldered, padded hanger you will keep your coat in the correct shape and prevent the shoulders being worn out reduce creases throughout.


If the worst should happen and you spill something on your coat, you should treat it immediately.Blot off the excess at the very least.Where mud is concerned, it may be better to allow it to dry rather risking making the stain bigger.There are some excellent spot removal treatments on the market – most of which are available at your local supermarket.


Where the spillage is merely water, shake off your coat, blot off the excess with a clean, non-dyed towel and leave your winter coat in a temperature neutral spot to air dry naturally.Don’t place your winter jacket in the tumble dryer unless it says specifically in the care instructions that you may do so.Don’t place it directly on the radiator.Simply hang it on a coat hanger and let it dry naturally.If it is very wet, you may wish to hang it over the shower tray or bath initially then bring it into a warmer area of the house once the drippers have stopped.Just as you should avoid too much heat, you should make sure the area you’re drying in is sufficiently warm too.Ladies winter coats, particularly those made of wool and suede, are particularly susceptible to mould and mildew both of which can do irreparable damage.Make sure you get your coat cleaned regularly – with dry cleaners available in every town, and even most supermarkets now, this is readily available and quite affordable too.By taking these simple steps you should have your coat looking great not for seasons, but for years to come.We are delighted to bring you a fabulous range of coats available on eBay today.Click on the links on the left to view our categories and take advantage of some fantastic savings.

Winter Jackets